What Is UnShut?

UnShut is a state of Mind.

I am an independent thinker and have no affiliation with any person or group. I am an ideological hybrid. I am able to learn from any person or group but I’m defined by none.

I am UnShut.
I work everyday to free myself from vices and to improve myself as well as help others.

Being UnShut denotes a constant state of flowing like a river and continuously renewing my mind.

Being UnShut is non-religious in nature and therefore isn’t confined to any religion or any set of religious beliefs or practices. I glean from various philosophies and make practical use of the ideas that are of assistance to me.

I practice daily meditation to keep my mind balanced and eat a healthy diet as well as participate in vigorous regular exercise to assist in maintaining my physical body

I am open to new ideas but I am bound by none:
I am UnShut.