Dealing With Triggers

“SOME things are under our control, while others are not under our control. Under our control are conception, choice, desire, aversion, and, in a word, everything that is our own doing” Epictetus ~ The Enchiridion

There are things that are going to happen that will be out of your control. A lot of times these things are called triggers. Some so called “triggers” are; being alone, being under stress, being on a computer or smart phone, seeing women in revealing clothing, a certain time of day etc.

Basically, triggers happen and there is nothing we can do to totally prevent them from happening because this is out of our control. What is completely within our control is how we choose to respond to these triggers.

Some people choose to get rid off their computers and/or their smart phones and not go on the internet. While this is a legitimate choice, it is not one that I would choose because in that case I wouldn’t have even created or the social media pages associated with it. I do however understand that some people view not being on the internet as their best option.

Being alone, being a certain time of the day and being under stress are just things that occur as part of normal everyday life and must be prepared for and dealt with accordingly.

As a man one of the most difficult things for me to deal with are women in tight and/or revealing clothing. I don’t know why the ladies see fit to torture us guys in that way but they seem to get a kick out of it. At the gym it is increasingly popular to see women dressed like the trending social media fitness influencers. Women are wearing gym clothes that are smaller, tighter, more revealing and that are being designed to accentuate certain body parts. I can tell you first hand that the struggle is definitely 100% real at the gyms now.

The beaches, lakes, water parks, pools etc. are also places that women go and show off their bodies. One thing for sure, pornography and social media are having a definite effect on fashion because I have noticed that more women are also wearing smaller and more revealing bikinis this summer.

Now you could just not go to the gym and/or not go to the beach etc. but in my opinion that would be too much of a reclusive lifestyle. Instead of avoiding these situations a better approach in my opinion would be to say to yourself, “No matter what comes my way, my response cannot be to use porn”, and you have to mean it.

Now obviously, this would be much easier for people who are in relationships versus people that are single but if you have decided to quit using pornography, you must also decide on the appropriate response to the triggers that you will inevitably encounter.