Remember This

Just because you have decided to kick your addiction to pornography, that doesn’t mean that your life experience is going to all of a sudden become instantly perfect in one quantum leap. It would be nice if that happened but the reality of the situation is that whatever emptiness, void, trauma, pain, boredom etc. you were unsuccessfully trying to fix with porn is still going to be there. There will be great days, but there will also be days that suck and are not very good. That is just how life works in the real world. The porn addiction must be replaced with healthy constructive habits that help you to become a better person and you must develop strategies to deal with the stress and the boredom that will inevitably present itself in your life experience.

Porn Addiction Parable

Burmese Python

Porn addiction begins like having a tiny Burmese Python that you take out of its’ cage every night for a little while and then put it back. Each night that you take it out you see that it has grown just a little bit bigger than the previous night. As the nights progress, and the Python slowly grows larger, it takes just a little more effort to put it back in the cage.

 One night when you take it out and handle it, the Python does a strange thing. It slithers up your arm and wraps itself around your neck. This surprises you and you quickly grab the Python with both hands and pull it so it loosens itself from around your neck and then you put it back into the cage.

Although this event was quite shocking, you tell yourself that everything is OK.  You assure yourself that you know what you are doing and you didn’t really have much of a problem getting the Burmese Python off of your neck and back into the cage so everything is just fine.

The next time you go to take the Python out of it’s cage you notice that it has gotten significantly larger since the last time you handled it. As you handle it you realize that it has also become much stronger and moves much faster than before. Suddenly despite your best efforts to stop it, the Burmese Python wraps itself around your neck and begins constricting. It is at this time you realize that even though you could easy control the Python in the beginning, you are no longer able to control the Python and it is literally squeezing the life out of you.